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Joe Gelay


The purpose of my life is to use my mindfulness, optimism, curiosity and kindness


Listening more than speaking
Encouraging positivity
Continuously learning
Giving generously

To create a world in which people interact with more truth, respect, and understanding; where open-mindedness is the norm, and judgement is taboo. A world where people say “yes” to more adventure, and embrace opportunities to connect with their environment and each other.

More info: Joe is a full stack developer with a deep love for learning, solving problems, and connecting people. His background in marketing analytics has shaped him into being a detail-oriented thinker with an eye for the big picture. As a former Peace Corps Volunteer, he knows how to work with ambiguity and adapt to changes with grace. When his eyes need a break from the screen, you can find him climbing rocks, running trails, reading books, and petting dogs.

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