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Molly Hanson

Development Strategist

The purpose of my life is to create engaged, resilient, inclusive, and sustainable communities in Colorado


  • Using my skills and talents to support community movements
  • Encouraging my passion for writing to challenge and share ideas
  • Committing to be a life-long learner and listener
  • Traveling to all corners of Colorado and the West
  • Making movies that expand our perspective

To create a world that is equitable, just, colorful and visionary.

More info: Molly is a trusted community-change professional with over twenty years of experience executing high-impact initiatives, conducting policy analysis and policy-change campaigns, facilitating coalitions, managing development strategies, and executing strategic communication initiatives. Molly is passionate about reducing disparities by applying innovation, best practices, system-level thinking, and equity-focused approaches in the nonprofit sector. Molly served as a program coordinator at Boulder County Public Health, a coach and mentor for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and a program manager for the network of Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and Jefferson County Public Health. Molly also served as a public health consultant for Center for Research Strategies, the Regional Institute for Health and Environmental Leadership (RIHEL), and multiple nonprofit organizations. Molly is a graduate of the RIHEL Advanced Leadership Training Program, the Colorado Transit Alliance, and the University of South Florida School of Public Health Field School.

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