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Cheryl Zeeb

Since her Fundraising Internship with Deproduction/DOM in 2008, Cheryl has maintained her Unlimited Membership as a volunteer with the Development Department of the Open Media Foundation, DOM events, and studio productions. She continues to incorporate her professional and volunteer experience in Public Relations, Event Coordination, Fundraising, Theater, and Media Production.

Her interest in creating meaningful yet entertaining television and her belief in community involvement align with the organization’s mission “to put the power of the media and technology into the hands of the community.” Currently she is editing her first DOM broadcast. It will include some of the characters from her one-woman show, WE AIN’T MAD: WE GOT ISSUES! 

This collection of monologues contains some work written at The Naropa Institute, Boulder, Colorado, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Theater and another for Literature & Writing in 1998. The compilation was her Capstone Project at the University of Denver in 2003 where she was awarded a Certificate in Creative Writing and her Master of Liberal Studies degree. In 2008, the entire piece was re-edited during her Jentel Arts – Writer’s Residency in the beautiful wide-open spaces of Wyoming.

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