Open.Media SaaS helps foster trust and transparency between citizens and governments. Harness the latest digital tech to meet your constituents where they are and engage them with local government.

Engagement and Government Transparency

Open.Media is the open-source, nonprofit software alternative to expensive for-profit government technology. Our innovative design allows you to combine any camera and encoder with free streaming services like YouTube, video conferencing like Zoom and WebEx, to livestream public meetings.

Open.Media makes open government easy, affordable, painless and fast.

Constituents can search over agendas and automated closed captions in any public meeting to find out what their representatives are saying about particular topics and pressing issues.

Automatically create Live Events for your city meetings in YouTube and easily sync your Agenda Timestamper to your Event.

Add as many documents as you’d like to each public meeting session so that your city clerks and constituents can find everything they need in one place.

Control how your users access your municipality’s videos and meeting materials: either on a standalone website or embedded on your own website, with completely customizable styles.

Meet your constituents where they are: meeting materials and videos are accessible across all desktop and mobile devices.

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Empower citizens to engage with government

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Meet your constituents where they are

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Strengthen trust in government and drive results