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J. Alfonso Maldonado

Digital Media and Sales Associate

The purpose of my life is constantly evolving


Welcoming all beings with candid appreciation
Feeding my extraordinary hunger to learn
Healing societal wounds through proactive mindfulness
Nurturing the courage to create the future
Materializing new ideas
Promoting the arts
Valuing every moment of this precious yet humbling finite life

To create a world that is dynamic, exciting, free of needless suffering and full of adventure we must reach beyond the laws of physics because laws binding our creative imagination do not exist. This amazing world I imagine is within our grasp.

More info: Alfonso is a native of Colorado. He conducted genetics and microbiology research while in high school and college. After graduating from Yale with a degree in Anthropology, he impelled international acquisitions and mergers in NYC before relocating to LA to pursue a media career. His aptitude for science put him at the forefront of uploading traditional media to new media at the dawn of the digital era. He spent the last decade further pursuing his fascination with the sciences by facilitating multinationals across Latin America in the implementation of new technologies. He returned to Colorado to experience more of life in the presence of his extensive family.

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