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Colorado Virtual Library

Colorado Virtual Library Brand and Website Design

The Colorado Virtual Library (CVL) is an online project managed by the Colorado State Library, an agency committed to supporting the work of libraries throughout the state of Colorado and to delivering information services to the broader public.

CVL’s logo, also created by OMF, incorporates their identity as an online resource with the idea of expanding library resources available to help patrons with career development, life skills and digital archives of historical media.

Many state and federal programs are turning to open-source CMS (Content Management System) website solutions, such as Drupal, because of the cost-efficiency and flexible nature of the interface allowing for changes to display and functionality after the website is launched.  Drupal is also ideal for its usability by non-IT staff who wish to manage their website without experience in code – this ease of editability allows organizations to continue building upon a strong and sustainable website. It is efficiencies found in an open-source CMS as well as the experience of the OMF team in building Drupal based websites that allow 50% matching grants toward OMF services.

The CVL website was designed and built by the OMF web department, while the implementation of features and panels was completed by staff at the Colorado State Library.

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