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Everett Housing Authority

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EHA Redesign

We love referrals from happy clients! Our friends at Boulder Housing Partners introduced us to another great organization just outside of Seattle. Everett Housing Authority has been serving the housing needs of Everett, Washington residents since 1942. As an organization committed to creating housing options for a variety of income levels in the area, and as an organization that is rapidly growing, EVHA was a great group to work with. Plus they were ready for a complete site/brand overhaul (Broncos colors don’t resonate well in Seattle, shockingly enough).

Featuring the wonderful residents of EVHA’s communities and setting a website up for sustainable growth were both elements of success for the Everett team. Additionally, ensuring that the site was easily accessible, easy to navigate, modern and welcoming were highlighted as key goals discovered in our Discovery Process.

Our Wireframing Process created the fundamental plan to accomplish these goals. The EVHA home page quickly allows potential clients to find out more about EVHA properties, learn more about current updates and see what housing programs best suit them. Current or potential residents weren’t the only audience that needed to be able to find out more – with sections dedicated to landlords interested in partnering with EVHA, buisnesses looking for RFPs and potential staff everyone can find tailored content with a click or two. One of our favorite parts of this site is the bright color palette, mid-century modern feel and house hover state in the main navigation.

Open Media Foundation’s web process made sure that EVHA’s fair housing remains a pillar of the Everett community. Our sustainable, easy to maintain and affordable websites eliminate the digital barrier between nonprofits and their audience. Combined with a passionate and experienced staff, the Open Media Foundation leverages open source tools and provides a 50% matching grant to ensure that the expense and complexity of web technology is not a barrier to any organizations’ mission.

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