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Second Wind Fund Website Redesign

The Second Wind Fund, a non-profit dedicated to youth suicide prevention in Colorado, came to Open Media with a brand cohesion conundrum. They had spent a great deal of time and effort on designing a new logo with refreshed colours and fonts to honour the evolution and growth of their org. Upon reaching completion of their rebranding process, SWF struggled to find the right opportunity to reveal their new look-and-feel.

With an inkling to renew the design of their website, Second Wind Fund reached out to Open Media and we went down a design path that aligned with their new brand. SWF’s trust in our nonprofit web design process opened them up to feel comfortable seeing themselves in a new light.

Second Wind Fund’s new branding imbued a refreshing sense of hope and strength. Open Media infused that feeling into not only design but web development as well, aiming for clean pages and easy-to-navigate site structure. The content underwent a rewrite with an SEO focus to ensure keywords identified in their Google Analytics, particularly ones that were generating traffic to the website, were embedded strategically on every page title, body, images, and calls to action.

Since launch, SWF has seen growth in site visits as well as engagement via web forms. Their vast network of service providers now have a place to update information and access resources that help them help at risk youth.

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