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The Colorado Channel

The Colorado Channel

The Colorado Channel provides televised coverage of the Colorado General Assembly. The website offers live streaming coverage from the floor of the State Senate and House. OMF redesigned the coloradochannel.net website to make it easier for users to watch live coverage and search video archives. The user-friendly page indicates when sessions are live.

Another great advantage of the new Colorado Channel website is the easy-to-use interface for staff workflow. It is easy to add news and updates to the site, upload attachments of board meeting agendas, and update board info. The website also features great pictures of the Capitol building, a video library for additional Colorado Channel recordings and special productions that are managed by the video department at OMF.

A key to the Colorado Channel’s success is our Open Media Project for Government software. OMF has been developing these open source Drupal tools over the past few years for community media stations, and current clients include local municipalities, the State Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. The OMP for Gov tools are managed live during the session in a way that’s easily integrated with the video switching and graphics workflow. Each day’s calendar is easily parsed for adding timestamps to agenda item, making the archive searchable. For more information on the Open Media Project, visit the Open Media Project website.

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