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YWCA Boulder

YWCA Website Redesign

Local chapters of national organizations understand the changes that are required when national brand standards are updated. YWCA Boulder came to Open Media Foundation after YWCA National redid their website and brand standards. The OMF team is always ready to apply defined brand standards to our work while also developing a website built for sustainability. Joining together, we were able to support YWCA on their mission. 

During our Discovery Process, we found that several inefficiencies with YWCA Boulder's current website were costing their internal staff minutes and hours of valuable time. These culprits ranged from having an easy to navigate website, information about where to park and easily downloadable forms for Children's Alley that parents could fill out before dropping off their child. We also uncovered an untapped opportunity to cross promote evetns, classes and programs across the site to make sure that all users were aware of all of the available offerings at the YWCA. 

As a client that offers many classes for their community, it was important that YWCA Boulder had a robust event system that could handle the number of registrants they have in each class. By streamlining the back-end of the class registration, we were able to save YWCA staff time and help them keep better records of attendees. 

Protecting children, empowering women and girls, and eliminating racism is no small feat – but if anyone can do it, the YWCA network certainly can. Open Media Foundation’s web process helped YWCA Boulder build a website to bettter serve their community and their staff. Our sustainable, easy to maintain and affordable websites eliminate the digital barrier between nonprofits and their audience. Combined with a passionate and experienced staff, the Open Media Foundation leverages open source tools and provides a 50% matching grant to ensure that the expense and complexity of web technology is not a barrier to any organizations' mission.

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