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Educate Aurora

Making possibility a reality for every student


Educate Aurora for the Aurora Public School Foundation provides funding and resources to students. By investing more than $10 million dollars in schools, students, and teachers, Educate Aurora supports students in overcoming obstacles and barriers. Educate Aurora came to us with a key problem, their website did not reflect the mission and impact they were creating in the community. They needed a platform that discussed their values and initiatives in a way that would drive donors to their mission and support

One aspect of the project was incorporating Educate Aurora’s new branding with vibrant colors.


Open Media focused on the design and usability issues seen in Educate Aurora’s former website. Meeting with their leadership, we determined that the website should draw on their new logo to bring in new flare and design that would present a jovial and meaningful message. The new Educate Aurora site showcases numbers and imagery to paint the picture of the impact they bring forth.

Final Experience

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