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Get Outdoors Colorado

get outdoors colorado website

Get Outdoors Colorado Website Design and Development

The Get Outdoors, Colorado website is an information hub for everything you would need to take advantage of Colorado’s unique environment.  Search for activities through the front page, and choose to filter the results by category, age level, cost and location.  A calendar display makes it easy to see what activities are coming up in the future, and an interactive map shows you what activities are going on in your area.

This website allows partners to easily upload their events and activities directly to the website.  Partners can also apply to have their RSS feed added to the site, making their events automatically populate.  Learn about outdoors-related organizations in the Partners section of the website.

Kids can get excited about going outdoors, too.  There is a “10 Things to Do Outdoors”  section with ideas for activities, a scavenger hunt featuring the Children’s Corridor locations for kid-friendly parks and venues, and a myths-and-facts section dispelling common misconceptions about exploring the outdoors.

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