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STAR Institute

STAR Website Redesign

STAR Institute is a multi-faceted organization with three primary focus areas, so their website must communicate a complex organizational structure in a simple way.  This project combined multiple websites into one to tell the story of STAR and all that they do in one place. This makes it easier for STAR to maintain and is more effective in telling their story. As a similarly complex organization ourselves, we understand well how to integrate multi-faceted organizational messaging and resources.

STAR is a worldwide leader in providing information about Sensory Processing Disorder research and treatment options. As a website that serves large volumes of users, it is of utmost importance that it be an easy tool to use to find health services and resources. With a robust resource library, a great deal of information must be easily and quickly accessible, and presented in a digestible format. The OMF Design Team knew they also had to make the site welcoming and friendly to children while conveying the information in a professional way.

To meet these challenges, the OMF Design Team developed a massive menu structure to streamline access to information. By parsing the menu and using visual design signals, we made it easy for users to find the information they need at a glance.

The OMF team always enjoys programming and design, but the best part of this project was the day we spent with the children at STAR, taking photos of them playing and working with staff. We saw firsthand what this work means to their well-being and happiness. The children are what this whole project is about, and that day brought us back to what matters most to our clients and to us: helping people.

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