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Thrive Center

Thrive Logo

Thrive Center came to Open Media Foundation looking for a logo to drive their rebranding process (formerly Denver Metro Parent Resource Center). As an organization dedicated to helping families of students with disabilities navigate the school system, Thrive Center needs to build trust with families and ensure that every family feels welcome.

To speak directly to this audience, their logo has to communicate to families that the staff is there for them, and is going to lift every child up to their full potential. Thrive Center is a place where families can come to be heard, to feel at home, to vent or cry and the staff will get down to business to help them. Our design strikes a tone full of hope and forward motion with a playful but professional feel, that is both warm and energetic. It is reflective of Thrive Center’s credibility, integrity and commitment to working together with parents to support their children.

The OMF Design Team was thrilled to help the Thrive Center serve grateful families throughout the Denver area. We can’t wait to see how they grow!

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